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Lesh [Bestrarium]

Lesh (also known as Hymn) is a guardian of forests.


A lesh looks like it is made out of wood. Which it mostly is. Some body parts also look like roots and the inside seems hollow. It isn’t know what is on the inside of a lesh, when it is still alive.

This creature can also appear (within its own forrest) as an old man or woman. A lesh can imitate all kinds of voices and sounds. How this is possible remains a mystery.


It seems like teleportation for some adventures but a lesh can gain shape wherever its roots maintain in the ground.

Thereby it is known that the structure of a lash is malleable. It can extend every part of its body and tries to bind adventures to trees to slowly crush them to death.


The biggest weakness for a lesh is fire. A lesh can also be outrun for it can’t to farther than its roots in the ground.

A lesh was never seen outside of a forrest.